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Proposal for State Funding

To the Esteemed Members of the Alaska State Government,

We, the supporters of the Alaska Filming Initiative, are united in our belief in the transformative power of the film industry in Alaska. Our state’s unique landscapes and vibrant culture make it an ideal location for cinematic endeavors, yet the full potential of this industry remains untapped.

Our Requests:


We respectfully request the allocation of $50,000 for a comprehensive feasibility study. This study is crucial in understanding how film incentives can boost the Alaska economy, create jobs, and put our state on the global cinematic map.

The Purpose of the Study:
Economic Impact Analysis: To evaluate how film incentives can stimulate the local economy.
Job Creation Forecast: To estimate the number of jobs that could be created in Alaska through a thriving film industry.
Cultural Benefits: To explore how the film industry can enrich the cultural landscape of Alaska.


A state managed film office to serve as a centralized hub offering guidance, support, and coordination for filmmakers interested in working in Alaska.


To provide an online platform showcasing the unique beauty of Alaska as a filming destination, along with information on incentives, permits, and other relevant resources.

Why Your Support Matters:
Your support is not just an investment in a study; it’s a vote of confidence in the future of Alaska’s economy and its people. By signing this petition, you’re joining a community that believes in the power of film to bring growth, opportunity, and innovation to Alaska.

Together, Let’s Shape the Future:
Join us in this initiative. Let’s conduct this feasibility study to lay down a roadmap for a prosperous cinematic future in Alaska.


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Alaskan Filmmakers at Work


The Alaska Filming Initiative is dedicated to reigniting and sustaining the success of Alaska’s film industry.

Our mission is to engage and grow the film community within Alaska, focusing on building and nurturing a robust local economy, as well as respecting cultural accuracy for Alaska Native culture. We are committed to conducting comprehensive feasibility studies to ensure the long-term viability and benefits of film projects for both businesses and the people of Alaska.

Our goal is not just to create film opportunities, but to foster a thriving, diverse, and sustainable economic environment across the state.

CONTACT: alaskafilminginitiative@gmail.com

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